Integration Into Your Practice


ONDAMED integration into medical practice:

A. Chronic disease

Step 1. Intake Take patient's vital signs/intake by nurse or tech including 10 minute Biofeedback-Scan with ONDAMED allowing to identify dysfunctional areas on the body combined with frequencies and programs accessing hidden or forgotten significant information about patient's lifetime health history; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Notes are printed or handwritten on patient intake form.


Step 2. Review of Intake Physician reviews Intake data looking for any possible trends. See attached ppt slides outlining how the intake scan provides information from a different and zoom-out perspective using ONDAMED's 4 modules; each module represents different frequency charts.


Step 3. Physician-Patient Communication
Using the case shown below as an example the physician would now be able to address clinical questions to the patient directed by the findings of ONDAMED combined with other obtained intake information. While patients may be symptomatic for the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, the patient revealed a pattern of a possible "urinary system" dysfunction. This will prompt various questions by the physician focusing in on kidney & bladder related problems in the past. Interesting connections will be made by the patient confirming the findings with the Biofeedback-Scan. Depending on the patient's history, physician may now order further blood work, hormone saliva tests, ultrasound examination of kidneys, etc.



Step 4. Start Therapy Ideally right away applying results from the initial intake Scan; therapy executed by nurse or tech. After 5 weekly ONDAMED Therapy Sessions physician sees patient for follow-up.

Selling ONDAMED to patients is not necessary. The intake work with ONDAMED will have served various purposes:

1. Helping physicians direct their patient communication revealing a lifetime span of information relevant to the patient's health status today. This may only take a few minutes.
2. Ordering additional diagnostic tests or forms of treatment due to the findings with ONDAMED.
3. Patients are "sold":
3a. Patients have a 10 minute experience with ONDAMED; they now know that it is safe, painless, and they may even feel a light sensation of stress relief. Another bonus is that they do not have to get undressed.
3b. Information unique to their lives was identified without them telling the nurse, tech or the physician; this will set your practice apart from your colleagues in the area.


Your practice grows with the implementation of a device and unique method which recognizes patients as more complete human beings. You are addressing their physiology, mental, and emotional aspects. Word of mouth will travel and bring family members, friends, and other people from the community.

B. Acute pain, injuries, and wound healing

Select programs may be used without the Biofeedback method, placing applicators on injured areas. It takes 1 minute to get therapy started. Significant results can be seen as early as during the first session.