Thursday, December 13, 2012, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
The Venetian / Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Millions of people suffer from Autoimmune Disease all over the globe. Lyme has become an epidemic stretching from North America to Europe, and beyond.

Inflammation is the common denominator of most chronic diseases known today. One of the primary reasons causing our bodies to be inflamed is stress. But why are we stressed? What solutions can we offer? Perhaps the answer to unraveling disease is to return to the primary cause, which lies in cellular memory, holding unresolved memories of emotional trauma and shock and is consciously unknown to the patient or the practitioner.

This workshop will offer cutting edge solutions for integration into daily practice using an intelligent state of the art technology, ONDAMED.


  • How to identify inflammatory areas in the body and then stimulate such areas with focused e/m fields specific to the patient
  • Discover the important role of the ONDAMED Technology and its unique emotional Feedback combination
  • Reviewing the "Diagnostic Dozen" responsible for chronic disease
  • Review a 360-degree Wellness Approach
  • Learn how ONDAMED helps uncover unresolved emotional trauma or shock that are linked to disease processes
  • Review cases including Lyme Disease, Immune Deficiency Disorders, Autism, and Cardiovascular Disease


Silvia Binder, N.D., Ph.D., is the CEO of the Ondamed companies in Germany and New York. She grew up in Vienna, Austria, where she earned her degree in business and in her continued educational path she received her N.D. degree from the College of Naturopathy in London, U.K. followed by her Ph.D. degree in naturopathy. Binder moved to the U.S. 1989 and in 2002, Silvia Binder (then Locke) met Rolf Binder and she established Ondamed Inc. in New York. Shortly thereafter, her 5-year old son was discovered with a 1 cm thrombus in his heart. Being therapy resistant to Coumadin, Binder started treating her son with ONDAMED. Not only did her son become therapeutic to Coumadin after 3 short ONDAMED sessions, he was able to avoid open-heart surgery since the thrombus reduced drastically within 3 months. Since 2003, her son has been free of all medication and enjoys a healthy life with preventative monthly ONDAMED treatments. This eye-opening and heart-touching experience fueled Binder's passion to educate the world of this life-changing technology. Binder has been helping chronically ill patients at her practice in Southern Germany, she is involved with clinical studies at various university clinics, lectures around the world and offers courses teaching practitioners about the integration of ONDAMED with nutrition, homeopathy, anthropology, environmental stress, cancer connections according to Hamer, bio-energetic field, and more.

Dr. Allan Magaziner is known among patients and colleagues as a compassionate physician with a keen interest in treating chronic diseases and immune disorders with natural, nontoxic techniques that keep the whole body in balance. One of the nation's leading authorities on nutrition, preventive medicine and environmental illness, Dr. Magaziner established the Magaziner Center for Wellness just shy of 25 years ago and presently serves as the Center's director. He has lectured extensively to physicians and the public both in the States and abroad on health and nutrition-related topics. His engaging personality, coupled with his wealth of knowledge, made him the ideal host of his own radio program "Health Line with Dr. Allan Magaziner" which aired on WPHT 1210 AM (Philadelphia) for two years. Dr. Magaziner continues to be widely quoted in national medical and consumer-oriented press outlets, and presently appears weekly on the Thursday "HealthTalk" segment of Fox 29 News in Philadelphia.

Perry Fields was bitten by an infected tick in the mountains of North Carolina in 2003. She has been a long time track and field athlete, competing at the highest levels in high school, collegiate and post-collegiate.
In 2005, she was forced to stop racing and training and seek medical help soon after the 2005 USA Track and Field championships, where she became very ill during her race. Within a few months, her health continued to decline. After a short stent on conventional treatment, not seeing improvement and worried that her health would continue to decline, she began researching and treating herself with alternative treatments. The process of successfully experimenting on herself, trusting her own instincts and forging forward, was the catalyst for her book, The Tick Slayer. Because of her success in recovering from Lyme disease, as well as Chronic Fatigue and Epstein Bar Virus (health problems that began in college), as well as co-infections from tick bite(s), her sentiments toward the ongoing autoimmune health crisis for many people in the US and world wide, was to write a "how to" on recovering from devastating diseases. The Tick Slayer is a book for anyone who finds themselves devastated by chronic illness and health care.
By 2009, Perry was training again and by 2010 she raced her first indoor track season since 2001, where she made her debut at the USA Track and Field Indoor Nationals. She continues to train in Colorado Springs and is preparing for the 2012 Olympic Trials in the sprints

This evening workshop is free of charge.
A delightful assortment of refreshments, with wine,
coffee and tea will be served.

Thursday, December 13, 2012, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Held in the Bellini Ballroom of The Venetian / Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Come and learn how to integrate new solutions into your practice!

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