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audacious aging large cover med“There are other tools that can help you improve your health before you become ill. I urge you to be open to the many options available. One that I have found highly useful is the Ondamed biofeedback device, which combines PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology and pulse biofeedback. It raises the electrical potential of tissues that are in a weakened state, restores normal function, promotes relaxation, and provides an effective, painless, and noninvasive complement or alternative to other pain relief options (surgery, drugs). Ondamed also complements pharmaceuticals, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements. Patients respond more quickly and the effects of the treatments are longer lasting. I have personally seen dramatic benefits with the use of the Ondamed device, not only for specific health conditions, but also for routine health maintenance and stress reduction.” Carolyn Matzinger, MD


 hiddencure“ONDAMED is one of the most modern machines currently on the market. ONDAMED uses the latest technology for outputting harmonic PEMF …  The theory behind the ONDAMED system is based on biophysics and quantum
theory … Clinical studies conducted at the Thomas Jefferson University have clearly demonstrated the benefits of ONDAMED …
ONDAMED is a straight-forward and gentle technique; yet it is extremely effective when used for the purposes of pain relief, stress reduction training and muscle re-education … This is a very powerful tool for changing the functional status of the body and mind.  Cells actually respond to the APEMF and many patients report that they can really feel the effects of the magnetic fields within their bodies during real-time.”
Laurens Maas, B.Sc. Ost DI.Hom., G.Os.C. and FBIH (UK)


breakthrough“There is always enthusiasm and energy around breakthroughs and new advances in natural healing, and it is exciting to be around doctors who have made the leap to change. I have been especially interested in lymphatic relief (selfishly), and I came across yet another marvelous invention called the ONDAMED machine. This is a very sophisticated new piece of equipment you need to urge your doctor to purchase. It is a cellular-electrical-biofeedback machine and purports to have miraculous effects for acute-pain management and lymphatic congestion, among other things. This machine has been used successfully since 1993. It is a “spectrum of low-level pulsing magnetic fields that induce the flow of micro-currents within the tissues of the patient.” Okay, in English this means it is able to locate underlying dysfunction and provide a treatment for the patient. It can pinpoint the location of pain, which doesn’t necessarily mean where the pain manifests. For instance, your pain may be in your knee, but the ONDAMED machine can tell where the pain originated, which might be in your kidney. Safe and noninvasive, it promotes improved circulation, wound healing, bone regrowth, and pain relief, for conditions such as fibromyalgia. These conditions resolve quickly, as though the body simply needs a small signal to jump-start the healing process.


I now use the ONDAMED machine and the results have been truly miraculous. In just a short period of time I am no longer experiencing pain, swelling, or tenderness in the breast, and the most exciting part of this treatment is that it requires no pharmaceuticals.”
Suzanne Somers


From Breakthrough: 8 Steps to Wellness by Suzanne Somers, copyright © 2008 by Suzanne Somers. Published by Crown Publishers, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc., New York.

ONDAMED! A story of love, healing & medical revolutionbook-cover
by Silvia Binder

Change your life. Change your practice.
Unravel the mysteries behind undiagnosed and mistreated disease and illness.
The answer is here, and has been here for decades.
You just need to open your mind and read this book...
ONDA-MED is a Latin word and stands for Wave-Medicine.
This book is the biography of ONDAMED® and the impact it has had on millions of people around the globe.

This book that can live with you in your home, practice, clinic, office, and your car continuously radiating benevolence and love.


My dear friends and colleagues from around our globe,
Finally! My book is completed and available for you to get today. My story will take you through our childhood, Rolf's journey which brought him to the invention of this brilliant technology, our first meeting in New York and the development of a sweet business relationship leading to our marriage in 2006.
Several chapters deal with diseases and provoking thoughts as to their origins and paths to overcome them such as Lyme Disease and Breast Cancer.
Place the book in your waiting room for your patients to read. An abundance of real life case studies will support their decision of receiving ONDAMED treatment.
It is a book of inspiration and hope. A book which I hope will live with you in your home, practice, clinic, office, and your car continuously radiating benevolence and love.
Click on the link below to see a preview. Email us with the quantity of your order including your full name, and address. We will send you the invoice and you may pay by credit card or PayPal. The book costs US$20 including shipping and handling from Germany.
Enjoy and be well.


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PURCHASE: $20 - shipping and tax included

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